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The management of obsolete, unwanted or nonfunctional electronic equipment is a global problem driven by improving technology and the availability of new and recycled devices along with the toxic materials, resource conservation, and handling/disposal issues at end-of-life. Consumers, business, e-waste management companies, governments, non-profits, and the re-processors all play a role in the lifecycle of electronics equipment.

Consumers have few incentives to reuse or recycle used electronics equipment. In most countries, it is still too easy and relatively inexpensive to throw e-waste in the trash. An optimistic estimate of average recycles rates in about 15%. Inconsistent legislation, minimal controls on the recyclers, and little enforcement has also led to widespread and inappropriate dumping of e-waste in developing countries. Instead of going towards land filling which destroys the soil and causes many hazards you can always choose to recycle the e-wastage.

Who needs this?

  • Electronic manufactures
  • Non-electronic enterprises trying to reduce their environmental impact
  • Semiconductor and component manufactures
  • E-waste recycles
  • Local and national government sector
  • Environmental and recycling profit organizations
  • Industry associations
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